Military Salute

We are coming to the end of Military Appreciation Month this weekend, and whether or not you are a big fan of our specific war efforts right now, this month represents a moment for all of us to be more cognizant of our military, its efforts, and provide a timely moment to say "thanks".  That's all, just a simple thank you to a passing woman or man in military dress would be a thoughtful sign that you care about and appreciate those who defend your rights aboard, every day.

What else can you do?  Send an e-mail or letters of thanks; send a care package overseas; fly the flag in your yard or at work; wear a wristband showing support.  There are lots of ways to show your appreciation for the valiant efforts of these people who diligently carry our their assigned duties both here in Hawaii and wherever they are called, sometimes at a moment's notice, and often times, in harm's way.

That guy you just passed in the mall... he might have had two or three tours of duty already.  That woman having a meal at the restaurant table next to you... she might be about to leave for an assignment overseas.  I know we're all taught not to talk to strangers, but a simple "thanks for all you do" might go a long way, especially coming from a complete stranger.  It's Military Appreciation Month for a few more days-  and you can do your part.  Think about it...