Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: Annett Wichmann

Annett Wichman
Annett Wichman
Carmyn James
Carmyn James

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Growing up in Germany, Annett Wichman's athletic abilities went under the radar to most schools in the US, until one day a piece of mail changed her future.

"I got a letter from Moscow, Idaho and they wanted to recruit me, and I was like oh, I don't want to go there, and I thought if a University in the States would want to have me maybe I can just apply to any University and the only University I wanted to go was U of H," said Wichmann.

So the next step was contacting head coach Carmyn James and seeing if UH offers scholarships to foreign athletes.

"When she contacted me and sent me her performances it was easy enough for me to say, oh yeah, we'll offer you a scholarship, and that was that, and she was the easiest person to recruit," said James.

But track and field isn't the only thing Annett makes time for, there are other hobbies she's picked up since coming to the Islands.

"I started off with learning how to surf, that was the biggest thing, once you're in Hawaii you have to learn how to surf of course. And then I got into salsa dancing which is now my spare time favorite thing to do," said Wichmann.

Staying active is who she is, but Annett is also actively trying to stop perpetuating the most common stereotype.

"Oh you're from Germany, you must love beer! No, I don't like beer at all," said Wichmann.

Besides, beer isn't the only thing Germany is known for, Annett's hometown of Jena is famous for a different type of product.

"Have you ever heard of the Carl Zeiss lenses, which are maybe in this camera maybe, Carl Zeiss, yes that's produced in my hometown!" said Wichmann.