Ear Whacks

Hey kids, and I do mean "HEY KIDS!", did you know that those innocuous, ever-present audio ear buds that allow you to escape the real world might also cause you to have permanent escape, as in ear damage- in the years ahead?  And actually, it's not just kids.  It's the workout enthusiasts and people at bus stops, and even people at your dining room table.  They are everywhere in Hawaii.

People simply fail to realize that the prolonged bombardment of high volume of these instruments can, and will, cause serious hearing damage.  Some people, by genetics, can rebound better than others from loud noises.  Others are more susceptible to the long-term effects, and the ravages of time can take a toll at a tender age.  This is nothing new, as people have been wearing more cumbersome headphones and blasting music for years, but being forewarned about continuous audio pounding is sage advice to pass along to anyone who finds the new, lightweight devices convenient, easy to use, and easy to crank up.

As with most everything in life, moderation is the key.  But as you walk around town these days, note how many people of all ages use these mini-headphones to satisfy their music jones.  That's fine, to a controlled degree, but remember, unlike many people who have suffered hearing loss due to age, you have the option to be saying "hi" rather than "huh?" as the youthful years go by.  Think about it...