A life-saving lesson

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They're everyday heroes, and Friday, the City recognized its Emergency Medical Services and Ocean Safety personnel at an awards ceremony.

A few others were also honored for their courageous efforts.

One of them -- Christopher Morgans -- who saved his mom, when she suffered from a severe insulin reaction.

Morgan immediately gave her a sugar pill to help increase her sugar levels.

He says it was a lesson taught to him as a child, and wants to spread the word about being proactive.

"If your Mom either has a heart attack or stuff like my Mom has, and you have stuff you try to communicate with her, and it's not completely working, call 9-1-1", said Morgans.

"Because my husband was stationed in Connecticut and my family's from here, there was no one around to help if anything should happen to me so at age 5 we had to teach him 9-1-1", said Christopher's mom Christy.

The awards ceremony also coincides with the beginning of National Emergency Medical Services Week.