Woman accused of beating peacock to death charged with cruelty

Ted Pond
Ted Pond
Peter Carlisle
Peter Carlisle
Sunni Talamantes (on left)
Sunni Talamantes (on left)

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

MAKAHA (KHNL) - A Makaha woman, accused of beating a peacock to death over the weekend, is now charged with animal cruelty.

Prosecutors are moving forward with the case, after a public outcry over the wild bird's death.

Ted Pond has lived at Makaha Valley Towers for 33 years. He estimates there are 50 to 60 peacocks roaming the property, and says they are as friendly as can be.

"Most people enjoy them," he said. "They do, during mating season, they make a lot of noise."

Residents at the complex say Sandra Maloney attacked a peacock with a baseball bat because she was fed up with the wild birds' loud cries.

"The bird laid here and you could see a little bit of movement, and then it tried to open its, to fan a little," Pond said. "And when it did, why it rolled over, and then it rolled all the way down the stairs."

Prosecutors on Friday filed court papers charging Maloney with second-degree animal cruelty. They say they've received a barrage of phone calls and e-mails about the case.

"I think people want to protect it," Peter Carlisle, Honolulu prosecutor, said. "And I think they're appalled by something that shows callous indifference to the wildlife of this state."

"How do you feel that the prosecutor's office has decided to file criminal charges?" this reporter asked Sunni Talamantes, Makaha Valley Towers resident.

"Well, they should," she replied. "What's she going to do when children are in the pool screaming? I mean, you know, it's horrible."

Pond says in the past couple of months, 11 peacocks have been killed on the condominium site and the adjacent property. His advice for those bothered by the noise?

"Move," he said. "If they don't like it here, move out of here."

The suspect didn't return phone calls on Friday. If convicted, she faces up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine.