Does it work? Fix It Pro

Sonny Sonoda
Sonny Sonoda

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With hot summer days ahead, many are washing their cars so they look good. But while the dirt may come off, there still may be scratches in your paint.

We put a product to the test to see if it can help bring out the shine on cars this summer.

Summer is not only the driving season, when more cars are on the road.

But it also seems to be scratch and dent season. When people are trying to squeeze into parking spaces, way too small for their car.

Sonoda Body and Fender Shop is already seeing an increase in customers getting their cars fixed. Scratches are smoothed out and repainted.

"They like it to look pretty like a woman. But nowadays no one wants to spend money - they want to do it the cheapest way possible," said Sonny Sonoda, with Sonoda Body and Fender Shop.

Is there was an easier and less costly way to repair those scratches?

According to 'Fix It Pro' there is.

It is a marker like product that claims to fill in the scratch -- making it disappear. So we try it out on a light scratch.

This product is sunlight activated, which hardens the liquid filler. And on this light scratch, it quickly patches up the clear coat. Which is an important part of your car's paint.

"It protects the paint from the sun," said Sonoda.

According to the Fix It Pro infomercial, Fix It Pro works on deeper scratches as well.

But when we tried it on scratches into the paint, or down to the primer, the product didn't do a thing. And experts agree.

"If the scratch is light, that will work. But if it is deep - down to the primer it doesn't work. You have to paint the thing," added Sonoda.

The product's packaging is accurate that it is a clear coat scratch filler and sealer. But be careful of believing everything on their over promising infomercial.

Sonny adds, those light scratches can also be simply and easily buffed out of a car's paint as well.

If you want the Fix It Pro, it costs $13 bucks at the As Seen on TV Store.