Local Reality Check

Where will Hawaii be in 20 years?  In 30 years?  You know, what kind of place will this be to live?  Will we resolve some of the pressing issues of the day- cost of living; business growth beyond tourism; energy alternatives; the love of the way things were with the realities of the way things are, and will be; traffic flow and lack of flow; defining local by who act with a sense of aloha as opposed to those who just talk about it; opportunities for our kids; educational gains or failings; protecting our land and water resources?

Forgetting about this oppressive recession for just a minute, we have lots of other areas of concern in Hawaii, and it will take an enlightened citizenry to ensure that we evolve, to see to it that these pressing issues don't get ignored or just talked about with no action plans and accountability, and a part-time legislature cannot be expected to provide solutions.  Issues such as traffic, education, consumer prices, homelessness, housing, and job opportunities are perennials.

Obviously, we don't have all the answers here.  Sometimes, it's good to seek help elsewhere, to take advice, to learn from others.  That's what our elders have taught us.  sometimes, it's not good to just accept what is as the best it can be.  So who will step up to make sure that the Hawaii of tomorrow is a great place to live and to raise our kids?  If we don't nurture and respect our home, will the kids want to stay?  Passive lip service paid to recurring problems is not the answer; and that's a lesson we can start teaching our kids by acting and solving now.  THink about it...