Commission will seek a new police chief

Chief Boisse Correa
Chief Boisse Correa
Christine Camp
Christine Camp
City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle
City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A new chief will be at the helm of the Honolulu Police Department as the police commission announced Wednesday afternoon, it wants to seek new leadership.

Just weeks after the commission gave rave reviews to Chief Boisse Correa's performance, it says the department faces new challenges the next five years and he's is not the man for the job.

It started off with smiles but behind closed doors Chief Correa learned the Honolulu Police Commission wants a new top cop. He sat silent learning it was the end of line of his nearly 40 year career.

"This process has not been about one year or five years or the work performance of the chief. It's really about the commission wants another chief," said Honolulu Police Chief Boisse Correa.

But the commission feels Correa won't fulfill a complete five-year commitment.

"Could the chief have said anything to change your mind?," said KHNL/KFVE News' Zahid Arab.

"Um no," said Honolulu Police Commission Chair Christine Camp.

With the decision definite, the commission wants a leader who will attack future economic challenges and can do more with less.

"We'd like that architect of that plan to be with us and accountable at the end of five years," said Camp.

For months, The State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers union have been unhappy with Correa. Among the claims, an unfair internal checks and balances system.

We're pleased with the decision but it's definitely not something to jump for joy or celebrate. This was strictly business, it was never personal," said Union President Tenari Maafala.

Saying it wouldn't be swayed by outside influences, the commission recently returned the findings of a SHOPO survey showing dissatisfaction with Correa unsealed. Others still stand by him.

"We're enjoying an all time low in the crime rate and so I'm going to personally miss him. I think he did a terrific job," said City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle.

After a brief statement, Correa answered no questions. The only thing for sure, is that the City and County of Honolulu is now hiring. The 63-year-old plans to serve out his term, which ends at the end of August. The commission says the search for his replacement starts immediately.