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Eye-opening discovery on Asian eyelid surgery

Dr. Robert Peterson Dr. Robert Peterson

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A warning about asian eyelid surgery - new research from a University of Hawaii professor reveals a misperception that could lead to undesirable results.

In a report Jorge Camara, MD recently published, he says eyelid surgery is taught based on Caucasian measurements, which has left some Asian patients with eyelid creases placed too high.

A picture of a woman who had Asian eyelid surgery shows the crease placed so high, she had to get the surgery corrected.

"The problem is all training programs for plastic surgery, opthalmology, and so forth are on the mainland and in those programs, eyelid surgery is almost always carried out on Caucasians," said Dr. Peterson, Chief Plastic Surgeon at Athena Clinic at the Kapiolani Medical Center.

Dr. Peterson trained on the mainland, but spent a year working in China.

"They were telling me that they thought when plastic surgeons from the United States did asian eyelids, that they were too high," he said.

"And what I realized in China at the hospital I was working in, is they did a lot of asian eyelids, and they wanted them to look like pretty Chinese eyes. Western physicians thought that that was because they wanted to look Western and have a crease but that's like saying that somebody who wants their nose smaller wants to make their nose look more Asian," said Dr. Peterson.

According to recent report published in the Asian Journal of Ophthalmology, Dr. Camara shows that on average, the Asian eyelid measures 7.49 millimeters, while the Caucasian eyelid measures 10 millimeters.

So when plastic surgeons use Caucasian calculations on Asian eyes, the results can be undesirable.

"They don't usually say my crease is too high. They usually say they look surprised, they have that surprised look about them and they want it corrected so they look like their ethnicity," said Dr. Peterson.

A correction using asian measurements gives a more natural look.

To avoid a surgery mishap, Dr. Peterson suggests using tape or a paper clip to show your plastic surgeon, exactly how high you want the crease on your eyelid.

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