Summer adventures at Sea Life Park

Lindsey Gunderson
Lindsey Gunderson

By Diane Ako - bio | email

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - As the weather heats up headed into summer, we found a cool activity to do with your friends or family. How's about swimming with sea lions? It's an adventure you can do at Sea Life Park!

Imagine getting this close to an adorable sea lion. This is maukele. Animal trainer Lindsey Gunderson explained, "She was born and raised here and was one of our more experienced sea lions."

Sea Life Park's Sea Lion Discovery activity lets you swim with these fabulous creatures. Gunderson continued, "They get to meet them, have fun .Learn some of the differences between seals and sea lions. Get to interact with them. Take photos."

Go ahead and pet, kiss, or hug them. You'll even have your moment as a trainer. We all got to yell "Twist" and see her spin around. The park hopes the program raises people's awareness about these animals so that when you leave, you'll want to spread the word about protecting them.

Gunderson said, "They are not endangerd. They are one of the marine mammals that aren't and we'd like to keep it that way. Mainly habitat destruction and marine debris are the biggest problems. But loss of food and pollution are big."

Maukele really 'bent over backwards' to show us a nice time. Thanks, Maukele for being a great host! Sea Life Park holds the half hour program twice a day, every day.