Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: Greg Salas

Greg Salas
Greg Salas
Jayde Nicole, Greg's dream girl
Jayde Nicole, Greg's dream girl
Mexican food
Mexican food

By Brian Ojima - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Now last year, you led the team in receiving, yards per game, what's next for this season?

"I have a couple of goals, I set out for myself.  I'd love to be first team All-WAC, I'd love to be one of the top receivers in the WAC and on the team, but just one of the main goals is as a team, just to win a WAC Championship", says Salas.

Like myself, you're from California, what is the one thing you miss about California?

"Oh definitely some Mexican food, and my family too, but definitely some Mexican food", replies Salas.

A little in-and-out?

"Oh yeah, in-and-out is another big thing. Yeah, I'd love some in-and-out right now", exclaims Salas.

A lot of the athletes I talk to, say they have a favorite television show or reality show, do you have one?

"I shouldn't say this, but I always watch "The Hills". I'm definitely addicted to that show for some reason", confesses Salas.

Now if you could go on a date with anyone, who would that be?

"Jayde from "The Hills", she's taken by Brody, but I'd love to date her", says Salas.

What is the best part about being in Hawaii, not just playing on the football team, but just being out here?

"It's one of the most diverse places I've ever been, and being from California, that's pretty diverse too, but I mean the culture, it's great. I'm soaking it all in and I really like it out here, it's nice", replies Salas.

What is the one thing that you'd like to do here in Hawaii, but you haven't tried yet?

"I always see people like on Facebook, they've been skydiving and I see all the fliers around for them, it's something I'd like to try, but I don't know, I might be a little too scared for that", Salas says.