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Honolulu elementary school now has 14 swine flu cases

Rose Chan Rose Chan
Principal Charles Naumu Principal Charles Naumu
Nathan Izumi Nathan Izumi

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

PALOLO VALLEY (KHNL) - Another school day and now five more swine flu cases detected at Palolo Valley's Anuenue School. They include three student siblings, their parent and another student, unrelated to that family.

Last week about a hundred students stayed home. With 14 swine flu related cases, the school is staying calm and emphasizing cleanliness.

A squeaky clean school. With five more related swine flu cases Monday,that's what Anuenue School is after. Like other parents, Rose Chan fears what she can't predict.

"Basically the unknown like any normal person, there are no answers out there," said parent Rose Chan.

With a full cleaning after school and at least twice during the day Anuenue hopes parents send kids to class. There are about 350 students, as many as a third have stayed home.

"We trust their judgement as a family or individual, should they choose to stay away, I can understand that," said principal Charles Naumu.

There are also rumors that the principal himself has swine flu. He felt sick this weekend, got checked out and says he's ok. He has a doctor's note to prove it.

"We've definitely been taking precautionary measures," said Palolo Elementary School head custodian Nathan Izumi.

Palolo Elementary is just down the street. With about 30 classrooms, there's a lot to clean. With Anuenue nearby, sanitation efforts are upped.

"You definitely have to take caution by dis-infecting things, you have to do what you need to do," said Izumi.

For Anuenue School that means ordering extra chemicals and asking students to wash hands for at least 20 seconds.

"We'll do what we need to do to get through it and over it so we can be normal again," said Chan.

With Anuenue's 14 swine flu-related cases and one each from Aina Haina Elementary and Mililani Middle School last week, there are now 26 cases of the virus in Hawaii.

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