Worker dies after tower collapses

Capt. Robert Main
Capt. Robert Main
Ray Moody
Ray Moody
The collapse of the tower was captured on video
The collapse of the tower was captured on video

By Duncan Armstrong

BARBERS POINT (KHNL) - Chopper 8 caught a view of the mangled metal and tons of rubble of a deadly tower collapse in Leeward Oahu.

Just five minutes before the tower was supposed to be demolished, it collapsed.

It happened at 7:51 a.m. on Saturday at Campbell Industrial Park.

Police say the structure came crashing down, and a worker got caught underneath.

It took more than seven hours after the collapse for search and rescue crews to find the body of the worker trapped in the rubble.

The worker was involved in bringing down the tower before something went wrong.

Two men were working inside the 120-foot cooling tower when it unexpectedly collapsed.

"Two workers were involved in the building at the time when they were weakening it and they heard a creek of some kind," said Capt. Robert Main of the Honolulu Fire Department.

The two workers were prepping the building for demolition.

"There were six columns involved that were holding up the structure. Apparently, there was something that failed within the existing structure that they were working on causing it to collapse," said Main.

The two men work for AG Transports of California, and were working locally with Sans Construction of Hawaii.

The tons of twisted metal made it tough for search and rescue teams to look for the trapped man. They had to bring in heavy machinery to move the steel one piece at a time.

"We have to make sure the structure is safe and make sure it's safe for our guys and see if we can find the person who is involved," said Main.

Adding to the difficulty of the search and rescue - the tower didn't fall in the direction it was supposed to.

The Red Cross came to help aid the first responders.

"What we have done is to bring food and water to fire and the rescue people," said Ray Moody of the American Red Cross.

More than 70 people were involved in the rescue effort.

"Right now are thoughts and prayers are with the family," said Moody.