Repair Scare

One of the areas that the new University of Hawaii president will be overseeing is the repair work being done on campus.  UH's Manoa campus alone has over a quarter billion dollars of backlog repair and maintenance awaiting funds which simply won't be coming anytime soon.  UH-Hilo needs $30-million of work.  Some money has come through.  While we know what funding was tight, is tight, and will be tight, we also know that a dilapidated capital facility will not inspire top students nor research funds to come to Manoa or other campuses, and those resources can help to define a school, as well as help to pay for the much-needed upkeep and new facilities at all campuses.

Almost 100 repair projects are underway at Manoa, and other branches of the UH system are in dire need of funds to simply keep up.  While the legislature is doing what it can with limited resources, the dilemma of upkeep at UH seems to be an annual one.  The pictures of a still-under-repair Hamilton Library are like deja vu all over again, and we know how long it took to get Cooke Field resurfaced.

Now would be a thought time to dramatically raise tuition and fees, but non-traditional means of raising capital have got to be found and acted upon to ensure that the disrepair does not get worse, or become a dramatic safety issue.  We all take pride when we look at our great, state university; let's make sure it doesn't become a blight for sore eyes.  Think about it...