Five new swine flu cases confirmed as Anuenue takes proactive measures

Charlene Keaulana
Charlene Keaulana
Charles Naumu
Charles Naumu

By Leland Kim - bio | email

PALOLO VALLEY (KHNL) - The state Department of Health confirmed five new cases of swine flu on Oahu Thursday morning, one is an adult and four are children.

The adult recently traveled to California. That person is recovering at home. The other four are children, at four different schools. One of Thursday's new cases is at Anuenue School, the place where a teacher and a student were confirmed to have swine flu Wednesday.

Students at Anuenue School enjoy recess, a day after the Department of Health confirmed a student and a teacher have swine flu. Thursday afternoon, school officials confirmed another student also has the H-1-N-1 virus.

"It made me more concerned that I need to take more measures to make sure my daughters are going to be safe," said Charlene Keaulana, whose two daughters, ages 13 and 14, attend the school.

Since the outbreak, the school has taken proactive measures to minimize the risk to other students and staff members.

Custodians have taken extra measures to disinfect the campus. They've also made sure soap dispensers and paper towel racks are fully stocked. And classrooms are equipped with soap and antibacterial wipes.

"We've also worked with the cafeteria staff that their service is extra clean and so forth because we service three other schools and we want to make sure that food service to those schools are clean and safe," said Charles Naumu, Anuenue School's principal.

"The teachers were aware of the things they need to do that they covered in the safety precautions and the measures," said Keaulana. "And the school has taken a real active role in making sure the parents were aware and I was happy about that."

Parents say the school has done a good job of keeping them informed and including them in discussions.

"We have a safe as school as we can under the circumstances," said Naumu.

Parents and school officials say this is an opportunity to reinforce good hygiene habits with their kids.

"I want to take precautions to make sure my daughters are safe and make sure we follow guidelines to protect ourselves," said Keaulana.

The other new cases come from students who attend Aina Hina Elementary, Mililani Middle School, and a private school. We'll have reaction from parents of kids who go to those schools on our late evening newscast.