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Viewers respond to McDonald's Happy Meal song controversy

Peggy Sucher Peggy Sucher

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Tuesday night's story about parents concerned about a McDonald's Happy Meal Toy, is causing quite a stir. Some claim a music CD given out with the meal is too spicey. It's not in the lyrics, but some say they hear the "F-word" in the song.

The song in question is on the Kidz Bop #6 CD that you can get with any McDonald's Happy Meal. We didn't pick sides with the claims, we asked your opinion and boy did you tell us.

Who knew mere seconds of song would strike a chord with so many.

"It kind of sounds like that bad word that we're not supposed to use," said a parent.

"I didn't hear anything," said a parent.

It's a version of Gavin DeGraw's 2004 hit " I Don't Want To Be" and it's in your kid's Happy Meals. This is the reaction tuesday to a song some say contained the "F-word".

"Yes now I heard it," said a parent.

"I didn't really hear it honestly," said a parent.

Since our web story posted it's seen nearly 3,000 hits and counting. The emails are also coming in. One viewer said, " If you have to listen to the song over again and be told to listen for the F-word, yeah you'll hear it 'cuz it's in your head, duh!"

Another said, "I did listen to the song and I agree that McDonalds should pull the CD. There was also one from Peggy Sucher.

"Once in a while, you've got to speak up. You've got to get mad as hell and not take it anymore," said Honolulu Resident Peggy Sucher.

Sucher believes big corporations like McDonald's do a lot of good and don't deserve this negative attention. She watched our story again.

"If that woman couldn't hear it, who could? It just seems like a lot of hoop-la about nothing," said Sucher.

Now, Sucher believes we gave the company a fair shake.

"By asking them to listen to it and pointing it out and people still didn't find it, the majority didn't find it, I think that was balanced," said Sucher.

Pull or keep the CD, Sucher says that's up to individuals to decide.

"People need to be a parent and be part of their children and realize what they're absorbing," said Sucher.

But she says our story Tuesday night ultimately shows, perception is yours.

Because of concerns from parents in Hawaii and across the mainland, McDonald's issued another statement to say contrary to claims, the Kidz Bop CD song:

"Does not contain profanity, as some have suggested. The CDs will continue to be available at McDonald's restaurants as part of this Happy Meal promotion, while supplies last."

But one thing's for sure, something that will last is the debate over this song. It's also important to mention, Peggy Sucher says she still doesn't like the story.

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