Chickens still going wild on Kauai

Cheryl Obatake
Cheryl Obatake
Christina Bartlett
Christina Bartlett

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

LIHUE (KHNL) - For years, some people on Kauai have cried foul over their chicken infestation. but others have learned co-exist with these wild birds, even if it wakes them up early in the morning.

KHNL/K5 News heads to the Garden Isle as part of our "Animals Go Wild" week series.

It's an all too familiar sound most Kauaians have heard whether they like it or not.

"It's part of the Ohana and how can you rid 'em, I'm not going to waste my time on that," Nawiliwili resident Cheryl Obatake said.

Obatake is a lifelong Kauai resident. She has around 80 chickens and roosters that roam around her property.

The feeding frenzy happens a few times a day. Although she admits they may be a little loud sometimes, she uses that as an advantage as well.

"It's all about timing too, I know what time it is when they crow at two oh clock," she said.

Even one local radio station has caught on to the chicken craze. They've recently changed their slogan to include the word rooster.

Some Kauai chicken historians have said a spike in the foul came soon after Hurricane Iniki struck the island.

"The chickens were pretty weird and they were everywhere so we thought, we'll start feeding them, then we realized they were ferocious and vicious and eat their own and kill their own, so I quit feeding them," Princeville resident Christina Bartlett said. "It's part of the island charm, what you gonna do, it's better than sirens."

The chicken infestation has gotten so bad in some areas that a Kauai man has started selling rooster traps. His biggest consumer so far is Costco.

"They're helpful too as far as insects, centipedes and they're pets to me in my yard," Obatake said.