Appearance of missing woman's dog leads to discovery of a body

Capt. Terry Seelig
Capt. Terry Seelig

PEARL CITY (KHNL) - Search teams found a woman's body in the Pearl City area Wednesday evening, But officials have not positively identified the body as that of Gail Yoshida, a woman who's been missing for ten days.

Search crews scoured the area after Yoshida's dog surprisingly appeared from a trail in Pearl City.

Yoshida left her home to walk her dog on May third.

The dog's reappearance prompted crews to search the area.

Rescue helicopters spotted the body in a stream bed in a ravine about five miles from where Yoshida was reportedly last seen.

"The location of the person that we spotted is pretty far in the mountains and it's down in a ravine, so it's gonna be a little bit difficult challenge to get down there," said Capt. Terry Seelig of the Honolulu Fire Department.