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Some parents unhappy over CD in McDonald's Happy Meals

Eric Hagen Eric Hagen
Nina Perez Nina Perez
Ronnie Gallardo Ronnie Gallardo
Mrs. Zapata Mrs. Zapata

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)- McDonald's Happy Meals are fast and fun for the kids, but parents are concerned that one particular music CD that come with them says the "F-word."

The controversial "Kidz Bop" CD is being pulled from McDonald's restaurants across the country, but we found one in Honolulu easily. Should Ronald McDonald wash his mouth out with soap?

We asked you.

"Here's the fries. Let's eat!," said Dezlyn Naval and Ryder Maeda.

Dezlyn Naval and Ryder Maeda love their McDonald's Happy Meals.

"The food is great," said Naval.

Topped off with the toy.

"Kidz Bop!," said Naval.

Right now it's a CD full of kids songs. But, track one on disc six is what some say is "Ba-da-ba-ba-bad" and parent's aren't lovin' it.

It's a kid's version of Gavin DeGraw's 2004 hit "I don't want to be." So is Ronald McDonald a "McPotty mouth?" We asked parents, teachers and we're even asking someone trained to hear these things, an elementary school vice-principal. We played the song without saying where the word in question was.

"Did you hear anything?," asked this reporter.

"Just the music," said a parent.

"I couldn't make out what they were saying," said parent Eric Hagen.

"Hear anything? Nothing at all?"said this reporter.

No one picked up on any resemblance of profanity. This time, we told them to pay attention to the word "looking" in the third line of the second verse.

"Yes now I hear it," said a parent.

"I didn't hear it honestly," said parent Nina Perez.

"No I didn't! What was it supposed to be?," said Hagen.

"It kind of sounds like that bad word that we're not supposed to use," said Elementary Vice-Principal Ronnie Gallardo."

"I didn't hear anything," said teacher Mrs. Zapata.

A mother of five didn't catch it again and she says most parents or their kids for that matter won't either.

"You're not paying attention to the words the first time, you're paying attention to what your kids are doing and paying attention to the road," said Zapata.

"I don't think it's appropriate," said a parent.

"Honestly I don't think it's a problem," said Gallardo.

While opinions are mixed, all agree on the importance of making sure any material is suitable for your children. The only way their happy meal doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.

In a written statement a McDonald's spokesperson says the Kidz Bop songs are carefully chosen and that " We greatly value the high standards that families hold us to, and we would never include a lyric, word, or song that is inappropriate to children of any age."

It was a mixed decision in the KHNL/KFVE Newsroom, but log onto to listen to samples of the music, and let us know what you think.

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