Lunchtime laser liposuction comes to Hawaii

Kalei Fernandes
Kalei Fernandes
Dr. Shim Ching
Dr. Shim Ching

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

PUNCHBOWL (KHNL) - Imagine getting liposuction during your lunch, then going to work the next day. New technology makes that possible. It's a laser procedure, now available in Honolulu, and it's a first in Hawaii.

The surgery is supposed to be faster than traditional liposuction, less painful, and patients are awake the whole time.

To see how it works, we joined a patient who had the surgery.

Kalei Fernandes is one of the first in Hawaii to try it. It's laser liposuction, called The Slim Procedure, or SlimLipo. Her target: stomach and inner thighs.

"I'm dieting and exercising all the time but there are just some spots that just have not gone away," said Fernandes.

"Women and men tend to store fat in certain areas and those areas of fat are typically exercise resistant," said Dr. Shim Ching.

Dr. Ching is a board-certified plastic surgeon at The Queen's Medical Center. He's the first in the state to offer SlimLipo.

"At first, I was skeptical because, as doctors, we see a lot of technology that often doesn't really pan out," he said.

But after a month using the laser machine, Dr. Ching says the results have been positive. He has before and after photos of his patients documenting the results.

"I've seen people with very limited swelling, very limited bruising, much less pain," said Dr. Ching.

In Fernandes's case, after about 30 minutes under the laser without general anesthesia, only local anesthesia, Fernandes said she felt fine.

"Good, relaxed," she said.

"You don't feel any pain at all?"

"No," said Fernandes.

The company that developed SlimLipo says the laser melts and liquefies the fat before its removed, whereas traditional liposuction breaks and suctions out fat that's still intact.

Plus, the incisions are smaller. For Fernandes's stomach, Dr. Ching made one cut through the belly button.

SlimLipo says there are fewer scars, less post-surgery pain, and shorter healing time - so short, Fernandes says she plans on going to work the next day.

KHNL will check back in with Fernandes to see how she's doing. She'll show a before and after of her new figure, next Tuesday.