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UH Students get checked for swine flu

Sommer Branham Sommer Branham
Lynn Ngo Lynn Ngo
Chana Hamer Chana Hamer
Dr. Lily Ning Dr. Lily Ning

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL)- Psychology, chemistry, calculus, final exams time at University of Hawaii at Manoa is stressful enough for students, but after a confirmed swine flu case on campus many are also getting a checkup not only for safety but sanity.

"Ok to test for frontal lobe damage," said student Sommer Branham.

Senior Sommer Branhum is in the zone.

She studies biopsychology, but in the back of her mind is Friday's alert of UH's first confirmed case of Swine Flu.

"It was like freaky friday, lots of emails and text messages," said Branham.

A female student living in the Hale Wainani dorm didn't travel, she got the H1N1 virus somewhere in the community.

"My mom learned there was an outbreak in my dorm, she demanded that I went to get tested. It was scary but I found out today,it was negative," said Branham.

She's not alone.

"More people than usual inside," said student Lynn Ngo.

The university health center saw 30% more patients than usual, it opened up Saturday just for students.

"We saw 54 patients on a saturday which is pretty unusual," said Director Dr. Lily Ning.

Some students came in with a sore throat.

"I'm going back home so I'm afraid this will develop to be the flu," said Student Kwan Tantiniranat.

With 11 days of symptoms, others just want peace of mind.

"I was just worried because I've never been sick this long that I might have the swine flu. Just a little cotton swab in the nose, one in each nostril. They also checked my throat for strep throat, it was very uninvasive," said Student Chana Hamer.

"The sample is then sent to the Department of Health and they do a confirmation," said Dr. Ning.

The health center's seen so many students the last few days, it's running out of collection kits. But, the work is worth it so that students like Branham can focus on finals.

The infected student and two roommates are in isolation with no other confirmed cases on campus. Since it's finals time, officials say while its important to study, stay healthy by remembering to eat a balanced diet, exercise and avoid all-nighters.

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