Summertime blues for seasonal job seekers

Glenn Uyeda
Glenn Uyeda
Thomas Plate
Thomas Plate

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

AIEA (KHNL) - For many, finding a job during this recession is turning into a job itself. And those filling positions may be putting the squeeze on high school and college students, just entering the workforce.

Even during this recession, bowling is a big hit. And with summer around the corner, Aiea Bowl is gearing up for a busy time.

"We have quite a few seasonal jobs come open because our business goes up 25 percent over the summer," said owner, Glenn Uyeda.

While Aiea Bowl is looking for lots of seasonal help, many summer job applicants will still strike out. Because there just aren't enough positions. Aiea Bowl has openings for counter people, bartenders, and janitorial staff but they've been flooded with applicants.

"The age group is bigger, their resumes are bigger. They are applying with more experience than I have, they are overqualified," said Uyeda.

Some part time positions like cashiers and waitresses have already been filled by employees with other full time jobs. But they need the extra money during this difficult economic time.

But while the business is picking up at the bowling alley, the job hunt is slowing down for college students.

"Its getting harder to find a summer job, most of the places that would normally be hiring aren't. Trying to find a job, any job - is almost impossible," said University of Hawaii student, Thomas Plate.

For some students, summer is when they earn money for the next school year. But because of increased competition, it looks like many will have to do without - come fall.

"For students to find a job, we're coming in at an entry level. People who lost their job already have some experience, so its hard for us to find something on that level," said UH student Amber Nakasone.

To give you an idea of the number of people looking for work this recession: In years past, Aiea Bowl would get anywhere from 5-30 applicants. This year, so far, for summer jobs they have 300.