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Leeward Oahu brawl leads to one dead

Albert Rivera Albert Rivera

By Duane Shimogawa bio | email

MAILI (KHNL) - A fierce brawl between two men in Leeward Oahu, leaves one of them dead.

Police found the 49-year-old victim unconscious just before 10 p.m. on Friday, after someone struck him with a blunt object at his Maili home.

Authorities say 44-year old Paul Kaeo ran away, but was arrested around 11 a.m., Saturday on Kawili Street in Waianae.

Albert Rivera lives right across the street from where the fight happened. He says he knows the family well and doesn't know why things escalated to the point where someone was killed.

It's the morning after and most in this quiet Maili neighborhood are still in shock after what happened the night before.

"These people are beautiful people, they're good people, the Baker's family, very good friends of mine and what I heard Friday night was horrible," Rivera said.

Rivera says every weekend, the family across the street threw parties. He says it never got too rowdy, but Friday night, something sounded different.

"What I heard was broken bottles, screaming, all kind of different vulgar language, looked like a battle," he said.

Rivera says police arrived shortly after the screams and yelling.

"I came inside the house because just in case there was a riot, I don't want to get caught in the middle," he said.

Police say the suspect is the husband of the victim's cousin. He was taken to a nearby hospital in Waianae where he was pronounced dead.

"It hurts my heart, shouldn't have happened," Rivera said.

Police arrested Kaeo on suspicion of second degree murder. He hasn't been formally charged yet.

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