Own a piece of Maui from the comfort of your home

Froyam Edel
Froyam Edel
Shone Edel
Shone Edel

By Duane Shimogawa bio | email

HANA (KHNL) - Ever wanted to own a piece of land on Maui? One local realtor is now giving you the chance to.

Plus, you won't have to reach deep down into your pockets to afford a piece.

With the real estate market not doing so well, Maui's Froyam Edel has found a unique way to sell some of his property.

Maui is arguably one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Thousands travel to this island each year to take in its many beauties.

"Everybody wants to own a piece of Maui and very few people can afford to buy a piece of Maui," Edel said.

But now you don't have to even come to Maui to take home a piece of it.

Edel and his wife Shone bought a piece of land. It's about two acres. But because of a soft real estate market, they've had a hard time selling it.

"Forget about selling the whole property, that nobody can afford to buy right now and sell it in Menehune-sized pieces," Edel said.

Which equals a square foot. For around 10 bucks anyone in the world may own a small part of the Valley Isle.

"A kid that's six years old that saves something from his allowance can actually buy a square foot and say to his parents, I own land on Maui, so it's open to everybody," Edel said.

So far, they've sold 50 pieces of land, but when it's all said and done, they hope to sell about 50,000 pieces.

Edel also wants to keep it from being developed.

"It's a novelty, I don't want people to think they're buying real estate that they're going to move on," he said. "It's not a scam, it's for real and you really get something for it, you don't get a piece of land you can walk on or build necessarily as much as a piece of land you can brag about and show, wow I own it, I don't know where it's going to take me, but i'm loving it and very excited about it."

If you want to own a piece of Maui, log on to ownmaui.com.