Governor Lingle publicly vetoes tax increases

Gerald Moura
Gerald Moura
Corey Rosenlee
Corey Rosenlee

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Hundreds cheered on Governor Linda Lingle at the state capitol as she vetoed four bills approved by the legislature. Lingle says the bills aim to increase taxes and would cost tax payers more than $200 million the next two years alone.

The governor's stance is no tax increases, no way, no how. By veteoing four bills with a smile she boldly affirmed her stance, sending a strong message to both House and Senate leaders.

It was the state capitol slaughterhouse. But we aren't talking bovine, it's bills. Four of them. Governor Linda Lingle publicly vetoed House and Senate approved proposed tax increases on hotels, home buyers, small businesses and tobacco products other than cigarettes.

"They can't tax their way to prosperity," said Governor Linda Lingle.

Gerald Moura is one of many who favor her actions.

"You can't do it, it's going to bankrupt companies, it's going to bankrupt people, put people in the street," said Kalihi Resident Gerald Moura.

Lawmakers looked for the tax hikes to make up the state budget's $278 million shortfall. Instead, Lingle proposed cutting costs through state worker labor contract negotiations. Corey Rosenlee thinks that's ridiculous.

"It's unfair, she should be embarrassed that she's willing to cut teacher's salaries instead of that millionaire," said Ewa Resident Corey Rosenlee.

Lingle says tax hikes would deter state visitors and lead to more job loss, ultimately jeopardizing Hawaii's economic recovery. She believes her vetoes would strengthen it.

"More visitors coming, more homes being built, more jobs being created," said Governor Linda Lingle.

And while there's celebration, the future of what's slaughtered on this day remains to be seen.

House and Senate leaders claim they have the two-thirds votes needed to override Lingle's vetoes. They've extended their legislative session two days and could take action Friday.