Does it work? Tobi Quick

Julie Everham
Julie Everham

By Kristine Uyeno bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's the quickest way, to look good.

At least that's what the Tobi Quick claims to be.

It's a fabric steamer you can use at home, and it's small enough, to pack in your suitcase.

So we wanted to find out if the Tobi Quick, does the trick.

Julie Everham is a wife and mother of five. So she's willing to try it, hoping it'll help ease her busy schedule. But she already has problems with it, right out of the box.

"It is warm, you can feel some warmth," she said.

Warm, but no steam. After about 20-25 minutes, success!

"Don't even ask me how I got it to work. I have no idea," she said.

She tries the steamer, on a blouse, that's pretty light and thin. After about 10 minutes, frustration sinks in.

"I think it's taking too much time. I think I could do it quicker with an iron," said Everham.

But she sees results, in one area.

"It definitely works better up here, which is hard to get with the iron," she said.

This also claims to be a light weight steamer. But don't tell her that.

"It's very awkward to hold it up, if you're not accustomed to doing that. And so for me, I already feel that my arm is aching at this point," she said.

After trying the Tobi Quick on one shirt, she gives us, her opinion.

"I would not go out with my shirt looking like this. So I'm not pleased with it at all," she said.

So I decide to try the Tobi Quick, on her husband's jeans. I steam the same area, repeatedly. I think I might not be doing it correctly.

She takes over, and doesn't have much luck either.

"I definitely think I can get better results with an iron, so I'm giving up at this point. I guess Dad won't have his well-ironed jeans as he expected tonight, so we'll see how that works for him," she said.

You can buy the the Tobi Quick at local retail stores, for about $25.