Students prove boats made out of milk cartons can float

Maude Tanaka
Maude Tanaka

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

ALA MOANA (KHNL) - A bunch of milk cartons were floating around Ala Moana Beach on Saturday. Nope, it wasn't rubbish. It was a race to see if boats made out of milk cartons can float. And some young local Einstein's proved it is udderly possible.

Milking every ounce of energy and adrenaline they had, students at Magic Island raced to win the bragging rights to the 13th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta.

The boats are made only of milk cartons, tape, and glue. The trick to making them float?

"Just put a lot of tape together," said Brandon Puahi Salvador, a student at Dole Middle School.

The challenge?

"Leaks - putting the thing together to make sure it's airtight, leak-proof and water won't get in," said Catherine Ching and her classmate, both from St. Andrew's Priory.

Some teams managed to skim right past their competition. Others had a whole boat load of problems. But for many, it was half and half.

"You need a lot of effort in paddling at the same time, because if it's unequal you might flip over," said Salvador.

And achieving that balance, using both muscle and brains, is exactly the lesson organizers hope these students learn.

"You can get the science, fitness, P.E., math, physics and you can use all those skills that kids learn in school and use this event," said event coordinator, Maude Tanaka.

And while the beach and the ocean serves as a one-of-a-kind classroom for teachers, for students, this is israelites curriculum, they say is a whole latte fun.

"It was an awesome time," said Salvador.

This year's milk carton winners are James Campbell High School and Kapolei Middle School. They won first place, and now have their hands on the coveted Lani Moo trophies.