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April 29, 2009

Voter Turnout, Or Turn Off

Voter turnout in last week's windward city council election was 45%.  By local historical standards, that's a big increase over the normal numbers of late.  But when you realize that this vote was handled primarily by mail, it's still a stunning display of apathy and indifference by voters.  Over half of the eligible voters could not even find the time or interest to check a box off and put it back in the mail.

It has been suggested that things don't change much in Hawaii, or certainly don't change very fast.  Not voting and not getting involved in the processes that might encourage change that you want to see- that's a surefire way to ensure that status quo is maintained.  And if status quo is OK by you, then I guess voting is just one of those things that can be avoided every couple of years or even in special elections when the ballot shows up on your doorstep and requires a simple check mark.

For those of you who do vote regularly, good for you.  Hopefully, you get what you want more often than not, as you are the active participants in the democratic system, and while elected officials represent all of us, the ones who vote are truly the ones taking advantage of a right and privilege that too many others here take for granted or ignore year after year.  Think about it...

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