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Tech Tuesday: The Nintendo DSi

Attila Seress Attila Seress

with Attila Seress - Geek Squad Special Agent

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The Nintendo DSi is Nintendo's latest portable video game system. It's the hottest thing with the kids right now and I'm sure many of your kids or grandkids are anxious to get their hands on one.

This kind of stylus based gaming system was first brought out by Nintendo in late 2004 as the Nintendo DS. The next generation of the product, the DS Lite was released in 2006 and now the 3rd generation of the DS, the DSi was released only a few weeks ago.

What's so special about the DSi? It's lighter, smaller, has better speakers and has a bigger screen than its predecessors but where it really shines are its new features:

  • It has 2 cameras, one in the front and the other in the back so that you can now take pictures
  • There's a built in microphone to record sounds
  • An SD card slot to insert and playback your favorite mp3's and view photos on the screen
  • There's a built in wireless card to surf the internet
  • It includes great software to edit your sounds, photos and surf the web
  • And of course, you can play your favorite Nintendo DS games on it

If you have wireless internet in your house or know where you can use a wireless internet hot spot (there are many on Oahu) then the DSi can use it to go online. So for example, I connected my DSi to KHNL's wireless internet and I can now bring up News 8 Today's twitter page.

How can you get one of these? They're available at Best Buy in black and aqua blue along with games and accessories for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi.

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