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April 27, 2009

Bye & Cell

A ban on hand-held cell phone usage while driving will likely take effect on Oahu on July 1.  Amazingly, the outcry from the public and businesses in the cellular phone industry was nowhere near what it was seven years ago, when a proposed an measure never made it out of the backrooms.  While it might not be easy for law enforcement officials to identify guilty gabbers going forward, this measure should bring back a certain degree of sanity and safety to our roadways.

Nonetheless, people can still argue and get distracted with hands-free devices, can still scarf down food, and can still play with that minute wheel on their iPods while they drive.  Driving is not a recreational pursuit or simply a mode of transportation, it is a responsibility that requires attention to be paid at all times- partially because of you, but also because of the other guy, the guy who doesn't signal, the guy who swerves in and out of lanes to gain 10-seconds every three-miles, and who is apparently struggling with a testosterone problem.

Young drivers, inexperienced to begin with, certainly don't need yet one more distraction alongside loud bass-heavy music, french fries, and a friend skanking in the passenger seat.  Driving requires mental and physical acuity, and car pilots cannot be at their peak to handle demands of the road physically or mentally when making that extra, often unnecessary, cell phone call.  An inconvenience, perhaps, but we are a strong species who will survive this takeaway; after all, we managed to communicated quite effectively without necking with our cell phones while driving for almost 100-years.  Think about it...

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