Hawaii gamers find a league of their own

Jeffery Young
Jeffery Young
Kentaro Rose
Kentaro Rose
Corbin Dang
Corbin Dang

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's a unique organization uniting island video-gamers. Members meet face-to-face instead of competing with one another online.

For the founders of the Hawaii Video Gaming League, waiting a year to participate in tournaments was too long. They decided to take control and form a league of their own.

"We just put it together and met more and more people players who wanted to do the same thing, network and just play games and eventually we decided to reach out to the community," said Jeffery Young of Hawaii Video Gaming League.

The group has grown to more than 100 members who compete with one another, become better friends, and better players.

"I'm pretty professional but there are of course a lot of people better than me and I'm still trying to advance and get better as well," said gamer Kentaro Rose.

Many of them play online, but the Hawaii Video Gaming League books locations like Hawaiian Brian's Billiards, so members have a place where they can play face-to-face.

"You actually get to see your opponent and you can shake their hand, it's more respectful than online," said gamer Corbin Dang.

"It makes things more real and you could see how they react to hit them and such, how the person actually reacts to what you do," said gamer Kentaro Rose.

Since February of 2008 they've been the islands only gaming league, providing gaming enthusiasts with a place to meet every month.

"It makes me feel real good, like I've accomplished something meaningful because all these people normally didn't have any place to go," said Jeffery Young.

"I wait for them every month and I try to make sure my schedule is open on the Sunday that they hold these," said Corbin Dang.

The next tournament is at the end of May. Anyone interested in participating can sign up on the day of the event at Hawaiian Brian's Billiards.