Fatal motorcycle crash in Kailua

Lt. Darren Izumo
Lt. Darren Izumo

KAILUA (KHNL) - A motorcycle crash on Kailua Road claimed the life of a rider, and left another critically hurt.

It happened just after 2:00 PM Sunday near Castle Medical Center.

Police say a group of at least five motorcycles were going Kailua bound.

They were on the left lane, and a rental van with Japanese tourists, were next to them on the right lane.

Officers say the van tried to make a u-turn, cut off the riders, and struck at least two motorcycles.

Police do not believe the driver hit the riders on purpose.

Lt. Darren Izumo of the Honolulu Police Department says "he's apparently a Japanese national so he's driving on a different side of the road on a different side of a vehicle. That might've affected him."

The rider killed was a 46-year old man.

He was pronounced dead at Castle Medical Center.

The other rider is in critical condition at the Queen's Medical Center.

As for the people in the van, police say they were a family.

A child was inside, but none of them were hurt.