Airing out support for Hawaii Public Radio

Michael Titterton
Michael Titterton
Carole R. Richelieu
Carole R. Richelieu

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Challenging economic times doesn't mean people have given up on giving. In fact, some are showing even more support, giving Hawaii Public Radio a bright future during the dark days of this recession.

Along with the soothing sounds of Hawaii Public Radio, there is a unique counterpoint being heard.

And the ringing of phones is music to the ears of radio staff, who are in the middle of a fund raising drive.

"This is public radio breathing, we are taking a great inhalation, taking money in instead of breath. To get going for the next 6 months," said Hawaii Public Radio President, Michael Titterton.

Hawaii Public Radio is reaching out to listeners, who have responded with their wallets - even during these more difficult economic times.

"As things get a little wobbly, people embrace a little more tightly things that make them feel comfortable. And things they feel are reliable, and we try to be that," added Titterton.

Residents show their support not only with their financial contributions but also their time. Plenty of volunteers answer the phones.

"There's been a real increase in volunteers, times are tough, but it brings out better things. Perhaps they can't contribute as much but they can contribute their time and their service and those are very valuable things," said volunteer, Carole R. Richelieu, of Honolulu.

People are giving, they're well over halfway to their goal of three quarters of a million dollars.

Listeners provides the majority of money for Hawaii Public Radio, so the telephone rings are also the sounds of success. Not only at raising money, but getting people involved in something they feel is important.

"We're the public in public radio," added Richelieu.

While other Hawaii news operations have been cutting back, National Public Radio reports it has been growing. And with the support Hawaii Public Radio has seen, there are plans to expand in the future, with more interactive news, information, and cultural programming.