Airfares drop dramatically

Duke Ah Moo
Duke Ah Moo

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - This tough economy is affecting many industries and consumers are hesitant to spend their money.

But you might want to think about opening your wallet, to travel.

Experts say now is a great time to find a good bargain.

"The suppliers, airlines, car rentals, hotels, have reduced their rates drastically, down as much as 40-50%," said Duke Ah Moo, vice president of Pleasant Holidays.

Ah Moo advises travelers to fly during the week and purchase a ticket on a Monday or Wednesday, when companies adjust their fares. For the best prices, he also advises to check out these websites:, and Also, call AAA Hawaii. You don't need to be a member to benefit from their travel services. You can also find a bargain on last-minute getaways.

"The airlines have a lot of seats to sell so they've dropped their rates for travel within 30 days and you can find really good deals," said Ah Moo.

So we decided to see, what we could find. We checked out for a trip, just two weeks in advance.

Visiting someone on the Mainland for Mother's Day weekend, traveling from Wednesday to Wednesday? The cheapest fare we found is $235 to Los Angeles, roundtrip and $400 to New York.

So now is a great time to make your summer travel plans. But if you can't get away in the next few months, don't worry.

"We don't see it getting more expensive until next year probably," said Ah Moo.