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National Weather Service: Heavy rains, thunderstorms likely for islands

Bob Ballard Bob Ballard
Lightning strikes near Kailua-Kona Friday morning Lightning strikes near Kailua-Kona Friday morning

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The National Weather Service is tracking a storm system which could cause major flooding across the islands.

"Were tracking an area of thunderstorms which has developed southwest of the islands, about 100 miles south of Honolulu, it's been tracking slowly toward the northeast. We're going to see an increasing chance for heavy rain and thunderstorms overnight as this area moves in, We may also see thunderstorms develop over the islands as the air mass gets more unstable" said Bob Ballard, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service .

"So for that reason we have a flash flood watch in effect Thursday night, and it will continue through Friday afternoon. We will be watching for the possibility of flooding in certain areas overnight. The best threat will be from Oahu on southeast to the Big Island Thursday night. Kauai is not completely out of the woods, they'll also be under the watch until Friday afternoon."

Will this be a long weather system or will it pass through quickly?

"If there is some good news about all of this it does not look like a situation where we are going to see this system linger in the area for a long time. We should see improving weather by the weekend. But uintil then, I would really discourage anyone from heading up into the mountains to go camping or hiking, probably not the best night to do that. Once the heavy rain starts later in the night you'll want to stay off the roads" said Ballard.

"Not everyone is going to get hit, but we will see pockets where there will be problems."

Lightning photo courtesy of Aaron Nagata

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