New scheme for Warrior offense

Inoke Funaki
Inoke Funaki
Greg McMackin
Greg McMackin

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - It's called the "Noke," but it's not a new dance.

It's a new offensive package for the Warrior football team, where running back Inoke Funaki takes a direct snap.

Funaki was a four year quarterback at UH until moving to running back this year, so the learning curve won't be too big.

Head coach Greg McMackin feels the package will mix things up and provide the Warriors with more options, while Funaki is just happy about the name.

"It's my favorite name in the world, I ain't complaining, it's definitely an honor and something to live up to, and I definitely feel privileged that my head coach would name something after me," said Funaki.

"It's basically for short yardage, for red zone, or just when we want to change up the tempo of the game and the personality of the game," explained McMackin.

But there are a couple drawbacks for Funaki. For one, the scheme sounds very similar to a current defensive package.

"A lot of times, even in the years past, when they yell "Okie," for the Okie defense I'm thinking they're yelling Noke, and I think they're calling me I gotta go in, you know but it's like dang it's just the defense," said Funaki.

Plus, since Inoke is not wearing an orange jersey, it's a whole new ball game, as you can tell by the deep scratch on his neck.

"I think it's a lot of bottled up feelings these defensive players have been having towards through all these years because they haven't been able to touch me, all these years I've had an orange jersey on and now it's gone and they came after me and they're breaking me in literally," said Funaki.

Tomorrow is the last spring practice for UH in Manoa. On Saturday the team holds their Warrior Bowl at Aloha Stadium. An autograph session begins at 1pm, with a scrimmage at 3pm.