Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: Bill Amis

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - He's clutch on the court, but Bill Amis is looking to pop another kind of clutch.  As in the clutch of a brand new car.

"I have a '92 Camry, so it's not too nice right now," said Amis.

His dream car is a Bentley, but right now, it's a different type of ride Amis is cruising on.

"I've been actually going surfing a lot with my roommate Hiram (Thompson), he's got a 10 foot board so it fits me good," said Amis.

But before you think this 6-foot-9 forward is the next Triple Crown champion, he's more of a casual surfer.

"I don't surf North Shore or Pipeline or anything, but I can cruise pretty good in Waikiki," said Amis.

His teammate Ji Xiang, a 6-foot-10 forward from China has also gone out to surf the south shores, and thanks to Ji, they learned a pretty good lesson.

"We were riding a wave one time, and it was all three of us, and this old local guy was right next to Ji and Ji got too close to him and he pushed Ji right off his board, and Ji just sat down and didn't do anything back, and it was pretty funny," said Amis.

But it's not all about catching waves for this Oklahoma native, his palette's been a quite a trip during his two years in the Islands.

"What's the best thing you've had that you don't get at home, and what's the strangest thing you don't get at home?" I ask.

"I'm trying to remember the name of the strangest thing, it's poi, poi is the strangest thing, and my favorite thing is L&L, I love L&L, they don't have that in Oklahoma," said Amis.