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April 20, 2009

When Les is More

I first met Les Keiter back in the late 1960s.  Actually, it was a one-way meeting via the TV screen, as I sat there watching him perform his Philadelphia TV sports anchor job while I visited my cousins in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Les always grabbed my attention through his delivery of baseball scores, highlights, and standings, even as a kid.  That voice, that delivery, that passion.

My first full-time job here in June of 1977 saw me coming face to face with Les- he was the sports guru at Channel 2, and I was the wide-eyed "kid" who handled public relations for Hawaii's new, pro soccer team- Team Hawaii.  He always greeted me in a festive manner, and I cherished that he called me "the kid".  Of course, to Les, everyone was the kid- an endearing term, for he treated everyone fairly and with respect, and he provided me with a positive rush of adrenaline to my evolving self-esteem system.  And, he was one of the few sports guys who actually took a regular interest in accepting the fledgling pro soccer venture back then.

Over the years, I would see Les at UH sporting events at the Stan Sheriff Center, at Aloha Stadium, and at Quarterback Club luncheons.  He never changed- always up, always interested, always present.  He made me feel a sense of self-worth at age 21 just by his ingratiating style as a mentor, and I will always have a soft spot in my heart and soul for him...in a "general" way.  Aloha, Les.  Think about it...

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