Pet pictures soothe economic stress

Deb McGuire
Deb McGuire
Michael Weight
Michael Weight

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KANEOHE (KHNL) - In the downed economy, more people are looking for comfort in life's simple pleasures, from a little pampering in the salon, to quality time with loved ones.

Some people are even turning to their pets.

A pet photographer from Kaneohe says her business is doing well. She says in these tough economic times, people are finding solace through pictures of their pets.

Modeling their fur coats on a grassy runway, with Enchanted Lakes as their backdrop, Spencer and Gracie enjoyed the spotlight on Monday.

Pet photographer Deb McGuire of Kaneohe says there's more to these photo shoots than meet the eye. She says she's seeing more pet owners turning to them as an outlet from the stressed economy.

"You're losing your job or watching your 401K go down the drain but what's always loyal to you? Your pet, so of course you want a picture of them that you can keep close to home," said McGuire.

"Pets get older much faster than people so we'd like to get pictures of them in their prime and have them forever," said Michael Weight, Spencer and Gracie's owner.

In a business where time can be preserved through a lens, it appears McGuire's work is recession-proof.

"You wouldn't believe it because it is considered a luxury business but you can't come in between a pet parent and their pet. They're priceless," said McGuire.

And as Spencer and Gracie show off their pearly whites, it's easy to understand why.

McGuire's focus is strictly on domestic pets and wildlife. She says she sees about two clients a week.