Teachers appreciation luncheon

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Dozens of Oahu teachers got more than just an apple today. They got the royal treatment, at an annual teachers appreciation luncheon. For the past 20 years, teachers nominate their fellow co-workers for this special tribute. And at today's luncheon, 41 teachers from different schools were selected for their exceptional work with students and the community. Special recognition that organizers feel educators sometimes don't get enough of.

Retired teacher Meredith Monteville said "when the people you work with say you're doing a good job they're the people who know you inside and out and they're saying we like what you do!". Hundreds of fellow teachers, along with family members were able to share in the celebration of these special teachers. Not only did they win awards, they also were honored with lei, crowns, even special outfits as part of this fun and memorable event.