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Battle over bed and breakfasts continue on Oahu

Ikaika Anderson Ikaika Anderson
Larry Bartley Larry Bartley

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email 

KAILUA (KHNL) - Less than a week before the ballots are counted for a vacant council seat, the race has turned into a battle over bed and breakfasts in Windward Oahu.

Many residents there are divided over the issue on whether their home sweet home, is just that, or if it can also be a legal business.

Now there are claims a candidate running for the council seat who would represent the Windward District, is getting a boost from bed and breakfast operations.

The Hawaii Campaign Spending Report shows that nearly one third of Ikaika Anderson's campaign contributors are supporters of bed and breakfast operations. But Anderson says his vote on this issue can't and won't be bought.

To some, bed and breakfast businesses generate much needed visitor income and considerable taxes for the islands.

But others feel like slamming the door shut on it. They're mostly concerned about noise and parking issues.

"I'm willing, if elected, to look at this issue with an open mind, to go ahead and examine all of the data from all sides before making a vote," Anderson said.

However, Save Oahu's Neighborhoods executive director Larry Bartley feels Anderson's mind is already made up.

"When you look at the campaign spending report, you see that very little of his campaign contributions came from your average citizen within this district and that alarms me, that so much financial influence is coming from outside this district," Bartley said.

The spending report also shows bed and breakfast supporters gave a little more than $10,000 to Anderson's campaign.

Some people who live in the district feel this is one of the biggest issues here, but Anderson says he's not taking a position just yet.

"What I'm telling these folks is I'm willing to hear from you, I will listen, that doesn't mean you're buying my vote, but I will hear you and at the end of the day, I'll make an informed decision," Anderson said.

Hartley and others hope Anderson keeps his word. If anything, all they wanted to do is...

"To wake people up and say here's what's going on, that's the only thing, we're not really asking anything from Mr. Anderson," Bartley said.

The Honolulu City Council is still looking into regulating bed and breakfast operations. Right now, it's in the zoning committee.

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