Stolen puppy returned to pet store, thanks to KHNL

Danielle Kaneshiro
Danielle Kaneshiro

By Leland Kim - bio | email

UPDATE: After seeing our story on KHNL News at 6, the parents of the teenager who took the puppy called Pet's Discount just after 7 pm Friday.  They were worried surveillance video would identify their son and didn't want detectives knocking on their door.  They dropped off the stolen puppy at around 9:15 pm.  She was finally reunited with her siblings.

KAIMUKI (KHNL) - A theft at a Kaimuki pet store has employees in shock.  A valuable puppy was stolen from them.

It happened Thursday night at around 7:45 pm when the store was still open.  Employees say this was more than stealing an animal.  This was like someone stealing a member of their family.

If you're looking to add a pet to your family, you don't have to go any further than Pet's Discount in Kaimuki.  They have everything, from mild to wild.

"While they're here, they're well taken care of," said Danielle Kaneshiro, who manages the store.  "You know they have beds, toys and food.  We just treat them like they're our own family here."

Thursday night, someone stole a ten-week old Dachshund terrier puppy.

"I came down and the police were here and you just get so attached to the puppies," said Kaneshiro. "And I couldn't believe it that someone would come in and take an innocent puppy."

The puppy was right here in this pen.  An employee was selling another dog.  She went in here to grab some paperwork.  When she came out, the puppy was gone.

She was one of five in a litter.  These are her brother and sister.

"These are our babies," said Kaneshiro.  "Anybody that works at Pet's Discount, I mean, we call them our babies, not puppies.  They're our babies."

The loss has impacted everyone who works here.

"But for somebody to just come in and take a puppy from us is devastating for all of us here because we're having a hard time dealing with it," said Kaneshiro.

The store has surveillance cameras over the area where the puppy was stolen.

"I'm asking you to please call me, call any store, any Pet's Discount, Pet's Central, and just bring the puppy back," said Kaneshiro.  "That's all we're asking. "I mean, we got detectives looking at surveillance but before it gets to that point, just return our puppy."

The dogs were born on February 14, Valentine's Day.  Kaneshiro hopes whoever took the female puppy has the heart to bring her back.

"Don't worry," she said.  "We're going to find your sister.  Yes, I know. I know."

The puppy is worth about $700, but Kaneshiro says she's worth much more than that in sentimental value.  If you have any information about the puppy's whereabouts, please call Pet's Discount.  Click here or go to the link on this page.