Buying Local

There's something to be said for  "buying local".  Now you can decide just exactly what that means to you, but supporting kama'aina companies and business establishments supports our local tax base and helps to ensure that this sagging economy doesn't get much worse.  When you have the choice, when everything is equal in your mind in terms of value and quality, why no support local companies?

Supporting local entertainment- like plays and musical performances, taking a vacation on a neighbor island, buying local produce at the store, these are just some of the ways in which you, as a consumer with choices, can help to support Hawaii businesses and entrepreneurs and thus can really help to make a difference during these trying times.

By supporting Hawaii-grown businesses, you can help keep the money at home.  Again, this is not to say you should blindly spend only on local goods and services, but when you have the choice, when you have the option, when you weigh you options- it sure seems to make sense to "buy Hawaii first".  That's a slogan we used 22-years ago in a station marketing effort here, and it's just as appropriate today; perhaps now more than ever.  Think about it...