Stutzmann brothers keep it real when sharing the football field

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - You know the Lee brothers of Ron and Cal, but now there's a new set of siblings on the Warrior football team. The Stutzmann brothers.

Billy Ray is a freshman receiver while older brother Craig is his position coach. And despite the 10 years that separate them, there's still a healthy rivalry

"How do you feel to get a lot of attention and interviews and you haven't even stepped on the field or caught a ball yet?" asked Craig in a mock interview with Billy.

"I may be skinny but I'll always be faster than you, what are your thoughts on that?" asked Billy when he got his turn holding the microphone.

But put them head to head, and youth is served.

"Who's better looking?" I ask. "Me," responded Craig first. "He may be faster with the legs, but I'm faster with the mind."

All joking aside, the brothers say there's pros and cons to working so closely together.

"You know you get a little more frustrated with the ones you really care about, so it's just frustrating when he cuts a step short, or doesn't make the right read, it really chaps my buns," said Craig.

Billy Ray knows his older brother and coach expects more out of him, and he takes it as a positive.

"He pushes me to be my best and I'm just striving to be everything I can," said Billy.

And everything isn't always a competition between these siblings, at lesat they both agree on one thing.

"Who's the better receiver freshman year?" I ask.

"Definitely me," said Billy.

"Yeah, I was terrible my freshman year," said Craig.