Chinatown stabbing victim testifies against alleged attacker

Hine Laloulu
Hine Laloulu
Antonius Toloai
Antonius Toloai
Joseph Peneueta was shot to death in Chinatown on March 28
Joseph Peneueta was shot to death in Chinatown on March 28

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A man who was stabbed multiple times in Chinatown earlier this month talked about his ordeal during a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Police say there's been a turf war between rival gangs in Chinatown. The hearing took place under tight security, with uniformed sheriffs inside the courtroom and undercover officers swarming the hallway outside.

It's a packed courtroom as an attempted murder suspect walks in.

His street name is "Tiny," but Hine Laloulu may be in big trouble. The 22-year-old is accused of stabbing a man on River Street on April 3rd.

"Can you describe the arm motion that Tiny used when he stabbed you?" the prosecutor asked.

"It went like this," Antonius Toloai, stabbing victim, told the court. "Let me stand up and show you. He went like this. He went from, one arm from the back to the front."

Toloai, 32, says it all started when seven men walked up to him and his female friend near a bus stop.

"They stood next to me," he said. "They didn't say a word. They punched the female, then I ran."

He says the group caught up to him, and started punching and kicking him. He testifies he saw Laloulu with a knife, and later realized he had been stabbed in the stomach.

"How long was the blade of the knife?" the prosecutor asked.

"Um, I'd say about two or three inches," Toloai replied. "I know it's kind of long, but I'm not good with mathematics. But I know it was a big knife."

He says other men in the group stabbed him as well.

According to court documents, a witness reported hearing someone yell, "This is for Soulja," prior to the attack.

"Soulja" was Joseph Peneueta's street name. The 35-year-old was shot and killed in the same area six days earlier.

"There were relatives and friends right across the street from where you and your friends were that were mourning the loss of their relative, Soulja, right?" Nelson Goo, defense attorney, asked.

"Objection, your honor," the prosecutor said.

The victim admits he drank alcohol before the incident, but maintains he has no problem identifying his attackers.

The judge determined there's enough evidence to send the case to trial. Laloulu is set to be arraigned at Circuit Court April 27th.