A domestic disturbance hurts an Oahu couple

Tim Thrasher
Tim Thrasher
Theresa Thrasher
Theresa Thrasher

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

An alleged domestic dispute in Kapolei turns violent, sending an Oahu couple to the hospital.

They weren't the ones fighting, instead, they were trying to keep an employee safe.

Tim and Theresa Thrasher never thought they'd spend their Tuesday at a hospital emergency room.

But that's where they've been because of an attack Monday night in Kapolei.

"I sustained minor injuries, bruising to my shoulder and ribs, my wife sustained major injuries to her face," said Tim Thrasher.

Along with the black eye, there's a busted lip, bruises and cuts. All because they stepped in to protect an employee.

"We received a call from an employee, an ex boyfriend of hers kept coming around the shop and she called us cause she was afraid," said Tim.

According to the Thrashers, they had their employee lock herself inside their store while they were outside, telling the suspect to leave.

"His family was standing around waiting for my worker to come out so they could get her," said Theresa.

"Family members appeared out of nowhere and started attacked Theresa and me," added Tim.

Along with blows being thrown, so were bottles and the ground is still littered with glass.

While the attack in the parking lot of The Marketplace at Kapolei injured the couple - they feel they were victimized not once but twice. Because after police arrived no arrests were made.

"We were attacked and the individual showed up and we clearly identified the individual. But police did not act on that," said Tim.

They not only were injured in the assault, their feeling of safety has also taken a big blow.

And that sense of fear could linger longer than their injuries as they try to get their lives back to normal.

"We're just kinda go day to day and be sure that we will be safe," said Theresa.

Because of the Thrashers fears, police have advised them to take out a restraining order. But they worry, a piece of paper won't be enough to keep an angry suspect or his family from attacking again.

Meanwhile police are still investigating this assault.