Murder defendant testifies victim walked into knife

Glenn Keohokapu, Jr.
Glenn Keohokapu, Jr.

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A man accused of murdering a teen outside a Kaneohe bar last year took the witness stand Tuesday. Glenn Keohokapu, Jr. claims he acted in self defense.

The defendant says the victim, Steven Wilcox, came after him with brass knuckles. He says he grabbed a folding knife out of his car, but never intended to use it.

Glenn Keohokapu, Jr. tells jurors he and his wife were arguing in the parking lot of Club Komomai last June, when Steven Wilcox, whom he met in the bar that night, intervened.

"I told him, eh brah, that's my wife. Mind your own business," Keohokapu said.

"Okay, how did he respond to that?" Benjamin Ignacio, defense attorney, asked.

"He took off his shirt," the defendant replied. "He took off his chain."

The 36-year-old says the teen then pulled brass knuckles out of his pocket and started coming after him.

"Do you want to fight Steven at this point?" Ignacio asked.

"No," Keohokapu replied.

He says he grabbed his knife out of his car and repeatedly told Wilcox to back off.

"I tell him stay away or else I going poke you," the defendant said.

Keohokapu testifies he was holding the knife and Wilcox walked into it.

"He wen swing at me again and he told me where I going," he said. "Then I seen blood coming out."

"Okay, so the first indicator was when you saw blood?" Ignacio asked.

"Yeah," Keohokapu replied.

"So you didn't feel any sensation of the knife going into him?" the defense attorney asked.

"No," the defendant replied.

Prosecutors say no witnesses at the scene reported seeing Wilcox carrying brass knuckles that night.

The trial continues Wednesday.