Bolla files wrongful termination suit against UH

David Gierlach
David Gierlach
Jim Bolla
Jim Bolla

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Former University of Hawaii women's basketball coach Jim Bolla filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against UH on Monday.

In the 25 page complaint, Bolla alleges he was fired after making several complaints regarding discrimination against female athletes.

Among other issues, he says the budget for the women's team was $1 million less than the men's.

Bolla's lawyer, Robert Gierlach claims every time Bolla would bring up the issue, player allegations would come out against him.

"Coach Bolla first privately and then publicly made many complaints against the ongoing disparities between the men's and women's basketball, the allegations that came up against him, some of which were years old, would always come up after these complaints," said Gierlach.

The suit also claims UH violated Title IX, a federal law which prohibits the discrimination of student athletes because of gender.

"It requires substantial parity between men's and women's sports in our Universities as long as those Universities receive federal funding, and ours certainly does. I know that other Universities have paid multi million dollar verdicts for violation of Title IX. I don't ever predict how a particular lawsuit is going to turn out but I think the University has some significant exposure in this case," said Gierlach.

Bolla did not attend the conference, his lawyer said he was taking care of family matters.

A court date has not been set, and Bolla's lawyer says they are looking for full reinstatement as well as monetary damages.