Management holds resident meetings after shooting

Nancy Schroeder
Nancy Schroeder

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

MAKIKI (KHNL) - Management at Punchbowl Homes attempted to calm the nerves of its elderly residents with two private meetings.

Media cameras weren't allowed in, but residents say fear, frustration and the feeling that firearms shouldn't be allowed on the property are what came out of the meeting.

Nancy Schroeder says after living here for nearly 13 years she doesn't feel safe, she's not alone.

"A lot of people are concerned for their safety, they're concerned that there are weapons, handguns," said Schroeder.

A special meeting was called Sunday night, and a second one Monday afternoon. Senior residents, building management and counselors addressed what happened, what's everyone's concerns and what to do about it. Schroeder says the way management can calm nerves is by saying the shooting was a random act of violence.

"But no one is saying that and that's what is frightening some of the older people," said Schroeder.

Security patrol goes from three in the afternoon until seven the next morning. But, Schroeder says problems started almost ten years ago when mentally-challenged seniors were allowed to move in.

"That seemed to be when we started having a lot of issues," said Schroeder.

A day after the deadly shooting, everyone remains on alert.

Schroeder says residents need more support from staff and the building's by-laws need to be amended. Right now, it doesn't specifically say firearms are forbidden on the property.