A Windward Oahu feud

Mark Franey
Mark Franey

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

ENCHANTED LAKES (KHNL) - A new home, going up on a Windward Oahu hillside, is pitting neighbor against neighbor.

In the quiet Enchanted Lake community, the sounds of construction mean more than just a new home going in. It also punctuates the sound of a battle between neighbors that's been going on for the past two years.

"We used to talk to him all the time, but when we saw it was his intent to put a piece of property back there and ruin everyone's standard of living -that's when we had a falling out," said Mark Franey.

Neighbors around the construction claim the excavation for a second home will destabilize the hillside and increase the likelihood of flooding. They've tried to get permits pulled to stop the project.

"They're raising every possible assault on character, on quality, on engineering - that they can," said the property owner, that doesn't want to be named.

The owner is currently legally allowed to excavate and even has certifications that the project won't affect stability or rock falls for the neighborhood.

And he says he's been the target of much worse than just complaints.

"I just wish the vandalism and harrassment would stop"

They are a real life Hatfield and McCoys, only instead of firing bullets at each other, they are taking verbal shots across the fence line. Even as they have stopped talking altogether.

"We tried talking to him but he doesn't care. He's gonna put that property back there to the detriment of the neighborhood," said Franey.

"There's no talking with them, whatever their complaint is today - it will be different tomorrow," said the property owner.

Not too far from the mounds of excavated dirt, there are mounds of supporting paperwork - for both sides. Each hopeful, things will go their way in this long standing feud.

"Its my dream, I've been looking forward to doing this project," said the property owner.

"We've been unsuccessful in stopping it, so if it goes through, we want to get it done right and done safe," added Franey.

This dispute is not only limited to neighbors, but has also involved city and county agencies, from permits to planning, as well as the Clean Water Branch.

Honolulu police have also been called, to check out complaints during this feud.